Library install error in sdkmanager

Hi all,

I’m install jetson libray using sdkmanager.
as shown below, sdkmanager encountered an internet connection error.
host machine is connect network to xavier board is working good.
but [ping -c 3] command was failed.

sdk manager version :
xavier l4t version : L45.32.4.3

Hi jpchae,

Please update your SDK Manager to the latest version and try again.

Hi carolyuu,

I’m afraid i can’t change sdkmanager version.
because custom device driver use only L4T.32.4.3.
is there anything else solution?

Hi jpchae,

SDK Manager doesn’t effect the JetPack version.
Please install the latest SDKM and run below command to launch JetPack-4.4.
$ sdkmanager --archivedversions

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