License error

Hello all,

I am not able to compile files as I am getting the following error.

Any help in resolving this error is greatly appreciated.


pgCC -w -c -o changesoplex.o -DSPEC_CPU -DNDEBUG -fastsse -Mdse -Mvect=noaltcode -Mipa=fast,inline -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt -Msmartalloc -tp k8-64 -Mconcur=dist:block -Mconcur=dist:cyclic -Mconcur=innermost -Munroll=c: -Mvect=nosizelimit -Mnovintr -DSPEC_CPU_LP64

pgcpp-linux86-64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license

Hi Ganesh,

This could mean a wide variety licensing issues. Have you followed all the install and licensing steps shown in the PGI installation guide? If you’re still having problems, please write a note to since customer support will have access to your account information that may be helpful in determining the problem.


thanks; i am able to run it now.