Limelight (PC Game streaming)

Anyone tried Limelight on the Jetson yet?

It seems to work well on the Pi. Might be fun to have on the Jetson.

I compiled the Linux version to Jetson and it did indeed work, technically at least. The video decoding was done with CPU and it was way too slow to be playable. The quality did look very good and I didn’t have any issues in pairing streaming from my Windows PC.

If somebody would port the Linux version to use GStreamer, then it should run very well on the Jetson as well :)

Has anybody tried this in Android as opposed to Linux? I’m thinking of trying in both Linux and Android to figure out which works better. Considering Limlight Pi seems to be only using the CPU I think the android version might work better.

In the Android thread somebody already mentioned that Limelight works.

AFAIK, the RPi version is using HW to decode the video. RPi is so low-end that it can’t do much on the CPU.