Jetson TK1 Hardware Video Decoding


I’m working on a project requiring playback of 1080p Apple ProRes videos and I’m wondering if the Jetson would be able to support hardware decoding for them or not. My research so far indicates that gstreamer should support playing the videos, but I’m not sure if it would be through hardware or software decoding.

If it’s not able to decode the videos through hardware, how well should the CPU be able to handle it? Is the Jetson a poor decision for this project if it doesn’t do the decoding through hardware?

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

My understanding is that the hardware video codec supports encoding and decoding formats H.264, H.263, VC-1, VP8, MPEG-4 basic, MPEG-2, and JPEG.

Apple ProRes, being proprietary and all, doesn’t have hardware support on this little Linux puppy. However, I understand it is supported by ffmpeg, and people have made GStreamer elements from that for ProRes. The CPU is pretty snappy, and shouldn’t have issues decoding a single 1080p stream if there is an available codec.

As always, the caveat is that I haven’t seen anyone do this out in the wilds, so that isn’t to say that it is absolutely possible or impossible.

Thanks for the follow up - that makes sense. I’ll probably do a little more research and see if this is the most cost effective route for CPU decoding, but I like the platform overall, so I’m still leaning towards the TK1.