Linear lerp without easing?

How would I lerp using action graph without having the easing function applied?

I just would like a straight lerp / interpolation without easing


Hello @Sirens_uk! I believe you are looking for the Interpolate To Node. This node allows you to interpolate one step from the current value to the target value with a given speed. I think you can set that speed to 0.

Thanks @WendyGram yes i’ve been using InterpolateTo although I cant get it to run in a linear function (without easing)

While Exponent is set to 1 (any lower it wont move at all) i would have expected 1 to have 0 easing. Not sure if its a feature or bug lol…

see below

“The blend exponent, which is the degree of the ease curve (1 = linear, 2 = quadratic, 3 = cubic, etc).”

maybe not picked up on the math here

result = current + (target - current) * (1 - clamp(0, speed * deltaSeconds, 1))^exp

I ended up making my own code now trying to get script node to run my own python function thru it.

Thanks again