Omnigraph - Action Graph

Hi there, I am trying to create a laser scanner movement using Omnigraph.

I managed to create the action graph to move the laser scanner from a preset position (next to the frame structure) to in front of frame structure.

Currently I would like to proceed to move the laser scanner arm, particularly the tip to follow the scanning path (green pathway which I created using Xform and curve visualizer). Does anyone has any idea how could I construct the Action graph? Or is there any videos which I can cross reference to?

Thank you!


Hi, I have import the prim into the Omnigraph, however, I am puzzling on how to link the path with the laser scanner. Could anyone advise on this? Thank you!

Heya Lay!

My new favorite hammer to employ for stuff like this is the Script Node.

I recently did a livestream on this very topic. You can find it here

but to summarize, the script node allows you to point to a simple python script that minimally implements 3 functions: startup(db), cleanup(db), and compute(db). db is the database of inputs, outputs, and internal states that is used by the node on every tick, and you can access it within those functions like you would in a traditional omnigraph node.

My current understanding is that startup gets called when execution first enters the node, and then compute gets called so long as the node holds execution. cleanup gets called when execution leaves the node for the last time. If you can move the robot end effector between two predefined points like you say, then you just need to call those specific functions within the compute node using the point and tangent passed from that last node in your image I think.

Can you show me your action graph that moves the robot? I want to see if I can point you to the specific APIs you will need


Thank you Gus! I will try it out!
As for the translate motion, I just modify from the “Flip flop” node tutorial.

Any time! let me know how it goes :D