Link to Synthetic Data Extension docs is dead


I am looking for documentation regarding omni.syntheticdata. There is a link in the current IsaacSim documentation, but it is not pointing to an existing page:

That link also appears on several forum posts regarding synthetic data generation.

Is there a valid link to the corresponding documentation page which you could share?

The link to the IsaacSim documentation page which contains this link is: 1. Getting Started With Replicator — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Thanks a lot!

Hi @arne.jacobs. Thanks for reporting the bad link. I’m checking to see where that link was supposed to go and then we’ll get that fixed up.

Hi @arne.jacobs. Can you poin to any forum posts that you found with the bad links? I only found this one: How to work with an omni.syntheticdata._syntheticdata.PyTorchTensorByte?

Yes, that one I remember. Can’t remember any others right now. Sorry if I exaggerated a bit/lot…

Hi Arne,

thanks for pointing out the missing link. The documentation will soon be updated, it will however not point to anything since as stated in 1.3. Output in Transition the synthetic data part is now mostly using the new Replicator API and will be fully transitioned in the next release. Let us know if you find any other inconsistencies or if you have other questions.



Thanks for the info. Does that mean that there will be no omni.syntheticdata extension anymore?
That would be contradicting that it is stated to be “lowest level component of the Replicator software stack, and it will ship as a built-in extension in all future versions of the Omniverse Kit SDK” on this page: Replicator — Omniverse Extensions documentation

If omni.syntheticdata is still an active extension, I am looking for documentation on the omni.syntheticdata extension specifically. Can you point me to something useful?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry, forgot about that in the last post: another mention of omni.syntheticdata, which makes me want to use it and have access to docs, is in the “Multi-camera” section of here: Frequently Used Python Snippets — Omniverse Robotics documentation

In particular the parts
syntheticdata_interface = gt.acquire_syntheticdata_interface()

sensor_data = syntheticdata_interface.get_sensor_host_uint32_texture_array(sensor_details[1])

Thanks @arne.jacobs. @ahaidu is going to sort this out.

Omni.syntheticdata: is still going to be used as a low level component of Replicator. omni.isaac.synthetic_utils is going to be replaced with functionalities from Replicator.

Thanks for the info!
Will there be any documentation on omni.syntheticdata in the near future? Or is there already some resource I have missed?


omni.syntheticdata won’t have any documentation because it will remain an internal component to allow faster development cycles without breaking API for external users.
the synthetic data public API have mostly been moved to omni.replicator.core

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