Linking issue with USDImporter when building falcor

I am trying to get started with Falcor, but im running into linking issues when trying to build it with visual studio.

Im just going to share a screenshot:

I am on win10 Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045. I followed the instructions on the github readme, and its the only thing that has given me problems so far. If anyone knows where i can get precompiled binaries for USDImporter that would work too but i still want to solve the issue so that the same thing wont affect other things just in case.

Also im just starting out, kind of getting discouraged with using falcor due to the lack of documentation/support, any advice on that?

Hello @LennyTheBurger and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

The Falcor project is mainly served through the Github pages and their issue tracker. I think you might get faster responses there.

I checked the issue list and it seems there were others with similar issues where USDImporter.dll caused trouble.

Maybe something in that discussion helps?


Oh and did you try the 6.0 preview or an earlier version?

Thanks for pointing that out, ill try to ask there.

I haven’t, i’ve just cloned master, if it doesnt work completly i might give it a shot, but honeslty probably going to migrate away from falcor and dx12 entirely into dx11, seems easier for beginners.

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Ok, sounds fair, Falcor is more of an advanced developer project.

I also checked with the maintainers and they recommend using Github issues for problems and questions.