Linux driver 367.57 seems to be totally broken shit code.


Please do not install Linux driver 367.57 if you have:

  1. el Repo installed and you let linux install driver from there

  2. Negativo 17 org NVidia repo installed and you install driver from there

  3. Linux Centos 7.2 with Quadro 6000 workstation card.

To me this Linux driver 367.57 installed well but when I rebooted the comp the linux
installation became totally useless. No hope to fix it with without true Linux skills.

I also installed this 367.57 with dkms in order to only notice that dkms was not able
to create new driver for a new kernel update.

THIS RELEASE 367.57 works like a virus and destroys your Linux with a high probability! At least with me I would like to hear other opinions and experiences too!

Maybe AMD Fire Pro is not that bad choise for Linux after all!