Linux drivers with NvFBC/NvENC support for K2100M

I just recently bought a MSI WS60 with a K2100M and I am developing a streaming client and need to use NvFB/NvENC. The docu shows that the K2100M is enabled for the GRID SDK but after downloading the GRID SDK and successfully compiling the NvFBCH264 sample, when I try to run the sample I get the message ‘This hardware does not support NvFBC’.
I am using the current Quadro driver 340.32 (64-bit).

I tried to use the drivers that are coming with the grid-sdk-2-2 (331.38) but without success.

The grid-sdk-2-2 bits are from April, so assume support for the K2100M hasn’t been built in yet at that time.

My Question: When will Linux drivers for the K2100M be available that allow using the GRID SDK (NvFBC/NvIFR/NvENC). I have a big customer depending on this.

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