Linux Headers

I want to install the driver of PEAK_CAN, but the compile is failed. The error message is can’t find the /include/linux/version.h file. I try to find out the solution. A important information is that Jetson TK1 board lack of the linux headers.
So, i need your help to solve the question.

It’ll be helpful to know the steps taken to get the compile error. Was your kernel source from L4T R21.4 (the most recent ok JTK1)? Did you start with a known working config from /proc/config.gz or tegra12_defconfig? Were you compiling natively on a JTK1?

I’m making some assumptions that you went into somewhere like “make menuconfig” and selected “CAN bus subsystem support” as a module (corresponds to .config file CONFIG_CAN), but I’m not sure which option refers to PEAK_CAN, or even if you were referring to kernel compile.

Thinks, I only just run the step: sudo ./installer after buying the jetson board. So, i don’t have done other thing on the board. Now, i have alraedy downloaded the package of peak-linux-driver-7.15.2.tar.gz and run made it. But the error occurs.The error message is that can’t find the /include/linux/version.h file

I’m assuming because of the forum you are looking at the Jetson TK1 (versus the TX1…they use different kernels, and thus drivers).

Is there a web page with information on the driver package? It isn’t unusual for those sites to list packages from early versions of Linux, but to be built in to kernel source for current versions…or at least look for compatibility information. If it is already there, it is a case of configuring and rebuilding rather than grafting third party software into it.

FYI, drivers are almost always associated with the kernel itself (available on the L4T R21.4 web page, you should upgrade the entire Jetson TK1 first, as it has many worthwhile fixes). Once you have that, typically you may install kernel source and the source needs to be configured to match the current system prior to building any drivers against it…the kernel source may possibly have the include file you are missing.