Linux NVidia legacy driver 340.32 and ABI version 19 problem

I have a laptop with CentOS 6.8 and the Quadro FX 1800 M GPU that needs the NVidia legacy support. The GPU support is currently provided through

However, the CentOS 6.8 comes with ABI version 19 which is not supported by NVidia’s legacy driver.

Is there any hope for all us out here with Quadro FX 1800 M and the like GPU’s if we want to keep current with the prefered Linux - streams? In other words: Would NVidia consider providing support for the newer ABI in an update of the legacy driver 340.32?

( FYI: There are no compilation or other trouble with the 340.32 driver other than the fact that the newer ABI is not supported )

Then use 340.96 which supports that Xserver version!

Thanks for a very swift reply. I’m trying that right away.

Works out of the box.

Quadro FX 1800 M GPU --> Use/Download

Really appreciate the help.