304.121 with Xorg 1.16

Hi all

The new version of Xorg ( therefore futur 1.16 begins to be available on numerous distributions.

Unfortunately the version of "server-abi (video-drv) has changed (currently 18). And 304.121 driver (among others) is no longer compatible with this Xorg.

The updates were announced long ago. But for the moment nothing is visible. Is it possible to expect to see something quickly?

Thank you in advance for the answers :)

Regards Emmanuel

Hi Emmanuel,

Prerelease and release candidate X servers are technically not supported. Please stick with 1.15.* until 1.16.0 is released. That said, support for the new X server ABI will be available in the next release.


It’s sad, but at this rate I will do as others, abandon NVIDIA in favor of AMD/ATI. At least the sources are available and upgrades can be made easily. I had no intention of changing my old 6200. But I think NVIDIA compels me to do so. A RADEON be much safer for me, as for many others.

It’s really sad because I’ve always preferred Nvidia cards. But before such a desire to do nothing, I understand why others change too.

Regards Emmanuel

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

FYI ATI support is a lot worst than Nvidia, if your 6200 was made by ATI it wouldn’t be supported at all by now.
ATI made all cards below HD5000 legacy (totally unsupported) recently.
As for ATI having Xorg ( support dream on, with ATI’s poor history support I would expect them to add it till late December

I know, unfortunately more than 1 month without 3D simply because Dev Nvidia do not want to beta drivers for old cards is not bearable. Even if 3D is not as good, at least I have 3D and I could go to model airplanes.Believe to be the best, mocking users, and thus forgetting that it is the users that make Nvidia the best (and not The converse) is a way to do that I regret. Material may be best, but if the men who are behind are not then there is a big problem.

The problems with the version of “server-abi” are known and documented (this is the advantage of open source). The Nvidia people are paid to do a job then they do !

It seems, and this is worse than the problem is resolved since the 337 drivers are compatible. So Nvidia knows the solution!

Regards Emmanuel

I don’t get your problem. Xserver 1.16 isn’t released, so why you want to use unreleased software?
What’s your problem using Xserver 1.15.x?

the official release of Xorg 1.16 is scheduled for July 1, 2014 (in 2 days) and I use Xorg just to know and prevent problems.

server-abi(video-drv 18) in Xorg (then Xorg 1.16) and 304.121 support just < 16

This problem is known. Corrected for 337 drivers. 304 But nothing has been done.

Again, i don’t get your problem.
You want to use Xserver 1.16 prerelease, buy a card which is supported by 337.xx or 340.xx drivers.
Otherwise stay on released Xserver version, its not hard at all.

£30 - 40 would get him a card (610) that didn’t suck, the 6200 was always crap IMO


If you are lucky enough to have PCI Express. It is happy for you. I still have AGP and I do not have the means to change before long.

And of course, unlike ATI, Nvidia to abandon AGP long time ago.

More time passes, the more I realize that Nvidia (even if the cards are best) has only one goal, rip off customers without worry of their desires. It’s a shame with the very good quality cards. Very sad indeed.

You’re using a GPU that’s 300 years old. Can’t you just wait the month or two for X.org 1.16 support? It doesn’t seem like you even need any sort of 1.16 fixes or features but rather want to run it “just to know and prevent problems”. Here’s one way to prevent a problem: stick with 1.15 for a little while. You’re not missing anything.

You don’t need PCI-E

Pffff PCI Express or PCI are not AGP.

That the Developers, the reals, give us a release date of updated drivers. This will be much more constructive than these unnecessary and unconstructive feedback of ignorant and uneducated people.

There’s nothing ignorant nor unconstructive in the replies you were given. These are the facts:

The 304 legacy release right now supports X up to version 1.15. It will support version 1.16 at some point in the near future. The Nvidia devs do not disclose future release dates for drivers, they can’t know them, various factors such as QA and shifting priorities influence the release date, this prevents “but you said the driver will be released at date X-Y-Z!!” type of posts.

The above is what you need to work with. It’s not hard, it’s actually very very simple - stick with X 1.15 until the new 304 driver release arrives.

PS. So what if PCI is not AGP? If a particular machine lacks a PCI-E slot, the GT 610 PCI card is a viable solution.

I did not choose GNU/Linux for that a Constructor of graphics cards requires me to change my card. If this is the case then I change brand and I forget that I support the manufacturer since over 20 years.

The new version of the server-abi is available for more than two month. Drivers (at least in beta) should already be available. Xorg 1.16 will be official tomorrow. How long must then wait? 1 month, 1 year?

For 25 years I wrote and provides software for Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot, Eurocopter, Airbus etc … EVER! I’m allowed to make responses in the style of yours.
The client MUST ALWAYS get satisfaction. It is a basic rule that seems to be most often forgotten.

It is sad to see that the money is more important than humans.

I am sure that NVIDIA appreciates your loyalty.

The company has committed to providing Xorg support for legacy cards for customers like yourself.

Historically, driver support for new Xorg releases is available within a short time of release.

Why should nvidia provide beta drivers for their legacy branches? Legacy drivers only recieve bugfixes and kernel and X11 ABI updates. I’m also using a 6000 chipset in my old laptop and could not care less if I’m using X.Org 1.15 or 1.16 right now. NVIDIA will release new drivers for my chip until 2017 (Support timeframes for Unix legacy GPU releases | NVIDIA) If my laptop manages to get that old I’ll probably just replace it.

You’re totally overreacting here over a non-issue. I’m using the legacy drivers for 2 years now on Arch Linux and never had any problems with the compatability with bleeding edge kernels or X11 releases.

NVIDIA supports the stable releases of Linux and X11. You’ll still get new updates for the next 3 years. That’s it.

So, today is the 3rd July and oh wonder, there is no xserver 1.16 release.
It was well known since months, that the release will be at the earliest late summer.

Blame the Xorg devs for that not the OP!