X won't start on xorg-server-1.20 and nvidia legacy 390.(new ABI)

Will there be an update to legacy branch of nvidia-drivers-390 for the new xorg-server-1.20 release?

Because drivers are incompatible with new xorg ABI and X won’t start.

Sooner or later, yes:

Oh… dunno how I missed that pinned post. Thank You.

Please give 390.59 a try.

@aplattner any hope of a 340.xxx release with xorg 1.20 support?

Yes, we’ll get one out eventually. I just can’t promise a particular timeframe.

One thing to note is that driver support for the multi-vendor dispatch interface in the new server wasn’t quite ready, so these drivers still require replacing the server’s libglx.so with ours. Support for loading our glx extension into the server’s new glvnd interface is being worked on and should show up in a future release, but it’s unlikely that we’ll backport it to the legacy branches.

@aplattner looks like 340.107 has been released with xorg 1.20 support: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/135161/en-us - many thanks!