Support for the latest xorg-server

The newest nvidia driver version 337.12 doesn’t support X.Org X Server (1.16.0 RC 2)

Developers using the NVIDIA driver and wish to test this next generation X Server are not able to.

Please release a patched version of nvidia with support for xorg-server 1.16.0 (

Thank you in advance!

Xorg 1.16 is supported with nvidia 337.25 (although it often needs intel_iommu=off, to workaround null pointer bug).

Sadly, 337.25 supports video ABI 18, but has ABI 17, so it will not work without ignoreABI.
Even then, my system was nearly unusuable, so i’m back to 1.15.1.

towo, you are mistaken - check e.g. /var/log/Xorg.0.log. Probably confused with 331.79, which does not seem to work at all with xorg 1.16 (just a black screen, when tried with ignoreABI).

337.25 works with xorg 1.16 (with kernel 3.14.5).

Not in debian sid with xserver-xorg-core=2: from experimental.
This version reports video ABI 17 instead of ABI 18 and so 337.25 does not work.
Since i changed back to 1.15.1, i have no x-log anymore, but be sure, i can read logfiles.

And no, i’m not confused with 331.xx, since i don’t use this driver.

Debian’s amusing - in xorg-server’s xorg-server_1.15.99.902-1.diff, they have:


That’s a bug to report to Debian, surely ;-)

That is actually correct: xorg-server- implemented a “ABI Version 17.0” that was buggy – no NVIDIA driver supports it. The current git versions of xorg-server (not yet released, will be part of 1.16.0) now support “ABI Version 18.0”, which the latest NVIDIA driver supports.

Now, with upstrem release, i think the problem will gone.

I should point out that prerelease and release candidate X servers are not officially supported, so use them at your own risk.