xorg-server 1.15

this is just a heads up that 331.20 driver doesn’t work for the just released xorg-server 1.15 because of ABI change.

bugreport in archlinux


Any word from nvidia as to when a new driver my be released? or at least an acknowledgement of the issue?
Is it being delayed to fix other bugs?

They never mention driver release dates. Though we typically see new drivers every 4-8 weeks so we’re about due. I would expect an updated driver any week now.

In the meantime you can use 319.76.

319.76 has the bug where akonadi won’t start (331.20 has it too).

We are waiting for the new release because it fixes that bug + adds xorg-server 1.15 compatibility.
The only workaround so far is to go back further to 304.117 which doesn’t contain that bug and works with xorg-server 1.15 as well.