Xorg 1.19 support

Apparently Xorg 1.19 was just released.
Obviously the binary drivers are not compatible with it. Till we get support for it, are there any workarounds? or should we just be patient? thank you!

There was a last-minute bug fix that required a rebuild, so it’s slightly behind schedule but it should be coming soon.

I can’t check at the moment but I think 375.10 is binary compatible with the frozen version of the ABI. You can try using the -ignoreABI option with 375.10 if you’re impatient.

@agoins will correct me if I’m wrong.

(EE) Backtrace:
(EE) 0: /nix/store/3rlkkbx0xid5k4qm0z27q49q3ns9ipf5-xorg-server-1.19.0/bin/X (OsSigHandler+0x29) [0x59dcf9]
(EE) 1: /nix/store/ch5j1pjry0891624hwnvishnwbj2wdak-glibc-2.23/lib/libpthread.so.0 (funlockfile+0x50) [0x7fa6a0103faf]
(EE) 2: /run/opengl-driver-x86_64-linux/lib/libnvidia-glcore.so.375.10 (nvidiaAddDrawableHandler+0x54599e) [0x7fa69966ea2c]
(EE) Segmentation fault at address 0x10
Fatal server error:
(EE) Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault). Server aborting

Quickly testing with ignoreABI set, it looks like 375.10 is not compatible with 1.19. So you’ll have to wait for an updated release.

It is a good thing new xserver releases don’t happen every month :)


You know you shouldn’t have to worry too much if you just make a better support for Nouveau? Just see how AMD does it. Their AMDGPU Pro driver is also incompatible, but users can use regular opensource AMDGPU meanwhile without too much performance loss until the closedsource is done. For now, I have a Maxwell, and Nouveau performance is awful due lack of support on fan (gpu not overclocked).

Please provide support on that :) Both opensource and closedsource drivers can perfectly coexist, but the opensource must be always available because is easier to port/fix by thirdparty devs

I’m not really in a rush to update to Xorg 1.19. I’m simply planning to update to the upcoming Fedora 25 (coming out on november 22 which includes the latest xorg server) all my home desktops and laptops as well as the machines at my office where the nvidia full acceleration is really needed. So I’ll wait for the new driver before upgrading everything.

Thank you @aplattner for the response.

I was told that Xorg 1.19 would fix tearing issues with optimus set-ups running Ubuntu 16.10. So, has this been fixed? If so, how do I upgrade to the new version of Xorg? Do I just sudo apt-get upgrade?

New release 375.20 is now available. Added support for X.Org xserver ABI 23 (xorg-server 1.19)

It works fine with 375.20, many thanks.

In case someone wants to test it also in Gentoo, I have created an overlay here: https://github.com/waltercool/waltercooloverlay/tree/master/x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers

bumblebee+primus works fine under kernel 4.8.7 with nvidia drivers 375.20 until now.

Still waiting update for 340-xx

also 304.xxx please


Would like to see this too for my old 9800GT…

Some programs are built to need Nvidia drivers and do not work with noveau (Minecraft, BricsCAD…)

It would be sad if users get annoyed by that when new distro releases go out soon
(fedora, Mageia, maybe more are soon launched)
And we testers of the dvelopment version of distros need to test it before…

I’m on a kepler card supported by 375.20 driver but the distribution I use is holding back on xorg-server till nvidia releases updates for the 340.xx and 304.xx branches.
It would be nice to hear an update.

Edit: I got an answer on irc. No ETA yet.

Does anyone here have an ETA on the 340.xx driver release? I am running a good 'ol GeForce 210 GPU


There is never an ETA.

Also interested in and waiting update for 340-xx

Just to add another “me too” to this list; Debian is in the process of freezing “stretch” (its forthcoming release), and without the 340.xx and 304.xx legacy drivers, these will not be able to be included, thereby preventing a significant number of people with perfectly functional but older NVIDIA hardware being able to effectively use it.

Please could you update the 340.xx and 304.xx legacy drivers for the new Xorg server release?


I’m developer of dedicated multimedia appliance (MiniMyth2).
ION/ION2 is still major platform for many users of my distribution.
I’m actively advising Nvidia as graphic of choice (compared to Intel/AMD).
Lack of updated support for ION/ION2 holding me with release of new, updated release of MiniMyth2.

While I understand potential of strategy for increasing Nvidia sells by forcing users to HW renewal - my users saying me that theirs loyalty to Nvidia is QUICKLY dimnishing…

Pls reconsider balancing all benefits against all losses with Your’s current approach to legacy HW!

…still…loyal user of Nvidia

Updated R304 and R340 drivers: