T4L Xorg driver and xorg 1.18 (ABI 20)


I have the T4L drivers installed on an ACER CB5-311 Chromebook running ArchLinuxARM, but the same issue affects the Jetson TK1 with ArchLinuxARM as well: Unfortunately, this distribution just recently updated Xorg to version 1.18 which broke support of the NVIDIA drivers. Xorg won’t start and errors out with the warning:

This server has a video driver ABI version of 20.0 that is not
supported by this NVIDIA driver.  Please check
http://www.nvidia.com/ for driver updates or downgrade to an X
server with a supported driver ABI.

Is there any way to fix this other than waiting for NVIDIA to release a new xorg driver? And if not, can I expect that they do that some time? I am a little bit afraid that they will focus entirely on TX1 support since they have released the new jetson TX1.

For now, I have downgraded Xorg to 1.17 to keep my system running, but this is definitely a no-go, especially since old packages of version 1.17 are not included in future installation media of ArchLinuxARM…



An interesting topic…one that is more important than it looks. For Linux desktop x86_64 graphics, driver 352.63 just came out, which adds support for Xorg ABI 20. The reason this matters for embedded is twofold.

First, host x86_64 cannot support CUDA or JetPack installs without the nVidia graphics driver…although JetPack is not currently packaged to handle desktop ABI 20, modern desktops can now have the nVidia graphics driver added, and this solves the desktop CUDA/GPU/JetPack development dependency which has held back desktop JetPack and host evolution in general (I use a Fedora host, which had been held back to Fedora 19, I’m in the middle of migrating to Fedora 23 which also needs ABI 20). JetPack now has what it needs if support for Ubuntu 15.10 is to be added for desktop host in a future release.

The second reason this matters is because the work for Xorg ABI 20 on desktops applies to porting ABI 20 to Jetson. Should L4T choose to support a newer rootfs (and newer Xorg), then much of the work for making the nVidia drivers work with more recent X11 is done. ABI changes to 352.63 could be ported directly into the L4T graphics driver. Many of the people working to install other flavors of Linux to Jetsons would be able to use the Xorg shipping with that other distribution without downgrading to get a required outdated ABI. So this means there is at least a possibility in a next release of L4T to support ABI 20.

I just want to bump this issue again.

Several months have passed, and in the meantime almost all major linux distributions upgraded xorg-server to at least 1.18. Therefore, they all have ABI 20 and using them on any Tegra4 platform (because the same is true for TX1) is just not possible without forcing to downgrade xorg!

Personally, I don’t mind staying with kernel 3.10 for the time being, but I’d really appreciate it if any work or at least some progress from NVIDIA towards ABI 20 would be visible, so I don’t have to hold back any software other than the kernel…

Maybe someone from the embedded development team reads this and can comment on this issue?!