Xorg-Server 21.1 released! Any ETA on compatible Nvidia drivers?

X server 21.1 got released this Wednesday. There has been just one fix since the second RC and at this time there are no known regressions since the 1.20
release series. There is also a potential for subsequent 21.1.1 patch being released in the coming weeks rather than after the usual interval of several months.

Notable changes since 1.20 include:

  • The meson support is now fully mature. While autotools support will still be
    kept for this release series, it will be dropped afterwards.
  • Glamor support for Xvfb.
  • Variable refresh rate support in the modesetting driver.
  • XInput 2.4 support which adds touchpad gestures.
  • DMX DDX has been removed.
  • X server now correctly reports display DPI in more cases. This may affect
    rendering of client applications that have their own workarounds for hi-DPI
  • A large number of small features and various bug fixes.

Are there any current Nvidia drivers for Linux working already with this new Xorg-Server? If not, what would be the ETA to gain such support?


So far 470xx and 495xx series work. Some users reported that 390xx seems not yet support the new 21.1 Xorg-Server. So any ETA on an updated driver for that legacy hardware?

The version bump is known since April. Only 470xx and 495xx series adopted to ABI_VIDEODRV_VERSION 25.2 so far. Let’s see if 390xx will get the support and when …

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It is very sad to see Nvidia not giving the minimum support for driver 390 which covers a wild variety of video cards… What do we do now? throw our cards in the trash? If this is the intent, be sure I’m avoiding Nvidia for future purchase…

Please support your products on Linux.

To update, 390.147 released a few days ago supports xorg-21.1 and linux kernel 5.15.x which should allow it to last quite a while (even past end of support if Xorg doesn’t do any major changes again).

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I’m still using GT218 (GeForce210] which requires the 340xx driver. I’d like to see it upgraded too. After the Xorg upgrade, I had to use the IgnoreABI hack, but then Prime stopped working for me.

340 is officially no longer supported (while 390 has a year of support left), so I don’t see this happening unfortunately. Best bet for continued support is nouveau despite its performance/features limitations.

340 doesn’t support glvnd too which modern packages / distros have come to expect, so it’s likely to not play well with offloading / multiple gpus (390 tend to get worse in that regard too, it supports glvnd but lacks an xorg module with proper support).

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