ABI_VIDEODRV_VERSION 25.2 support for Xorg mainline/1.21


I’m trying to test out reverse prime on my Thinkpad P1 Gen2, but due to a bug in X it was limited to 1 FPS. That bug has now been fixed and merged in to Xorg server upstream (DisplayLink displays runs at 1FPS when laptop lid is closed. (#1028) · Issues · xorg / xserver · GitLab) so I thought I’d compile X and try it out.

Sadly I didn’t get far enough to test it, as 9 months ago they bumped the ABI version of the video drivers

What is the timeline/process that the nvidia drivers will support this ABI version?

I am in the same situation. Until they update their driver, I put this in one of my Xorg configuration files:

Section “ServerFlags”
Option “IgnoreABI” “1”