304.121 with Xorg 1.16

That was projected in December. It’s not extraordinary for these estimated dates to be pushed back.


OK I found the ZOTAC PCI … : [url]http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00147286.html[/url]

But just PCI I did not know :( Anyone know the outcome of such a card ?

Hi all,

I just saw that the 304 123 was available :) Thanks at developers

Regards Emmanuel

Please note that xserver 1.16 is still not officially released. We were targeting the projected release date of July 1, but the server release got delayed until July 16.

:) Yes I note :). But if I note. It also needs you, you notice there are men that use development distributions just for to find problems and that must be quickly corrected :).

There is another topic that is very surprising. That you, Nvidia, wanted to keep the secret of your latest generation 3D cards, I totally understand and I respect that. I have already said, I think your cards are the best.

But why, the older generation (93, 173, 304 …) not put disseminate open source? These drivers pose you more problems. When you decide to give up, why not release them ?
You will not lose your property for new generations and will realize happy many users.

Warning this is not a request. I did not intend to create a controversy. Simply, it is very surprising for a powerful company.

Regards Emmanuel.

does 340.24 work with xorg-server 1.16?

Yes, they support Video-ABI 18 aka Xserver 1.16.