Liquid Cooled TX2 Dev Kit

Hello there!
I am trying to use some TX2 Dev Kits and I have run into a roadblock. I want to liquid cool them, but I don’t know what to use. Is there a specific thing or cooling block that I need to buy to try to cool this? Any info would help!

Give the Jetson TX2 Thermal Design Guide a read if you haven’t already. The devkit includes an active heatsink/fan on top of the thermal transfer plate (TTP). It’s the job of the cooling solution to keep the TTP below 80°C. In deployment, this is typically achieved with a cold plate or forced airflow.

In your case, the cold plate could be a heat exchanger. Off the shelf, I don’t know of an aftermarket liquid heatsink for the Jetson - ConnectTech offers some aftermarket heatsinks for Jetson though. All cooling solutions still use the TTP, it’s bonded to the module. So any liquid-cooling solution would likely be mounting the TTPs against the exchanger being cooled. That should hopefully widen the available components that you are able to use.