Loading custom mdl with Tif format textures

I have a large library of custom mdl that I am trying to use in Omniverse create and view. I have managed to load my own modules without issue, however I am finding that any mdl with a texture assigned in tif format will not load. I get the following warning
2021-01-18 00:47:54 [Error] [carb.imaging.plugin] createimage: Invalid image format extension: .tif 2021-01-18 00:47:54 [Warning] [rtx.resourcemanager.plugin] Couldn't process the file, it might not have written completely.

Is this a known/intentional limitation, or a bug? Will this be fixed/changed in the future? The mdl we use are all exported from adobe SD, which commonly outputs ‘tif’ files for linear outputs.


Hello there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m going to pass this onto the devs.

Thanks for your patience.

TIF is a current limitation.

@fpliu Could you add more information here?



Hi @andrew.cirillo

Thanks for trying out Omniverse.

Our current list of supported textures is:


We’re looking at supporting other formats in the future, including tiff.

If you have any questions let me know.


I had a whole bunch of Tifs for trees and plants from xfrog. I used image.online-convert.com and just ran my files through in batches. Other rendering engines don’t support tif also. Then jumped into the objects MTL file and renamed .tif to .png. I recommend a macro to help speed it up.

Thanks for the advice and I already have that workaround in place, but I’m talking about tif textures exported from Substance designer in MDL materials. Unfortunately, you can’t control the output format in SD when exporting MDL packages, and the TIF files are often linear 16/32bit images. As Substance Designer is the industry standard material authoring package for MDL materials I think the image format should be supported, and I’m sure NVIDIA does too.

You are absolutely correct, on all accounts. We are using exr workflow, but if we were on a tif workflow I would be saying the same thing.