Export .obj file of warehouse model

Hi, I’ve just started using WareHouse Creator.
I tried exporting created warehouse model to .obj with materials.
Unfortunately, I met this issue:
2023-01-12 04:47:00 [Error] [omni.kit.asset_converter.impl.omni_client_wrapper] Cannot copy from http://omniverse-content-production.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/Assets/ArchVis/Industrial/Shelves/Textures/T_Rack_A1_Albedo.<UDIM>.png to F:/local_folder/materials/textures/T_Rack_A1_Albedo.%3CUDIM%3E.png, error code: Result.ERROR_NOT_FOUND.

How do I cope with this issue?
I’m grad someone could make a suggestion about it.


Hi KAZU06,
Thanks for the post. This looks like a missing texture for sure. It cannot export it, because it cannot find it. Did the entire export fail, or did it complete as normal but with an error message ? We will look into this and get back to you.

Hi Richard_3D, thank you for your quick response!
I’m afraid this issue may be refering to OM-53235 known issue.

I did an small experiment to import downloaded ov-industrial3dpack-01-100.1.1 asset, and I’ve got a same issue.

I think ‘UDIM’ should be replaced to a certain number as below:
Those are actually existed in the asset folder.

I’m grad I could find a way.


Yes I have heard about slight problems with the UDIM texture system where it can confuse textures paths. A lot of applications are still not fully supporting UDIM. You could try manually changing the texture path with the UDIM in it, T_Rack_A1_Albedo.1001.png etc and that should not generate an error. I will look into it further.

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Hi, Richard_3D,
Are there any way to view how ***..png is combined with *.100.png?
I’m trying to combine each 100
.png file to one png file, but I wasn’t see same colored obj format object.


I am not sure what you mean exactly. Can you try to clarify ?

Hi, Richard_3D,
I’ve got UDIM means multiple tiled textures combined with single texture images.This video explains about UDIM.

So, I thought ***.UDIM.png expects combined png image under sertain rule. Actually I tried combining ***.1001.png, ***.1002.png and ***.1003.png horizontally, but I couldn’t get the same colored view as omniverse create’s view.
I’m using CloudCompare to view .obj.