Loading heavy scenes with CloudXR on the Apple Vision Pro

Hey Nvidia,

We are currently in development of our USD model asset software and part of our application aesthetic has some pretty heavy meshes for the scene environments we have surround around our models. Was wondering how easy it to implement cloudXR for the AVP and what anyone’s experience is so far. I have yet to see anyone load up big maps/levels with it yet. Also we have applied for early access and if someone from Nvidia could give us some help at obtaining this we would put it to extraordinary use!


Hi @skinja
Thanks for the inquiry. Yes we do now support the Apple Vision Pro as part of our development kit and platform. We have done successful intergration and application of this code inside of Kit for various demos for GTC. You can see one of these demos here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diaMgE0SIc8&t=100s&ab_channel=CNETHighlights

However, we have not released any official AVP support package or code for OV. At this time that is still on the developer.

If you apply for Enterprise there might be possiblilties to work together on development.

Richard thanks for the reply, we will apply for Enterprise, working alongside Nvidia would be very beneficial. We will go thru the necessary steps. We have essentially built a lot of our software around the concept of CloudXR and OV.



Great. Well just being specific, CloudXR and OV using the latest USD Composer 2023.2.5 already work really really well, with all of the major headsets. The only new comer is the AVP. But all the others fully work out of the box. So focus on your files and workflow and use other headsets for now.