Looking For "Stable" Drivers for P5000

We have a few Boxx machines running Windows 10 LTSB (2016) with Threadripper CPUs and P5000 GPUs, and we keep getting BSOD errors due to (but not exclusive to):

  • IRQLs beyond the correct range
  • DirectX errors
  • OpenGL errors

Many of the debug logs contain nVidia driver calls, so I’m thinking there’s some incompatibility happening somewhere in the GPU stack (above and beyond the real or perceived fragility of Boxx machines in general). I built the OSs in late December with version 411.x and just downloaded 418.x, so with that much version changing in that little time, it strengthens my suspicion that our issues are in the GPU driver (motherboard drivers haven’t been updated since August, so I don’t think they’re the culprit).

We’re not doing too much version-dependent GPU stuff (not a lot of Nuke or Houdini, mostly C4D, AE and Premier), so I’d be willing to forego “bells and whistles” in favor of rock-solid stability.

Any thoughts/recommendations would be welcome.

I have the crash dumps from three different, identical machines (with more or less dumps depending on how long it’s been on the floor).


Could you provide us with the nvidia-smi logs?’

Ryan Park

Absolutely, if you can tell me where I pull them from.

I should add that I only this week found out about the Certified Drivers channel, but I haven’t been able to install those on the machines in question (yet).

The most current version that is certified for all of our applications is 375.x, so that’s a bit concerning, but I’m new to the Quadro side of graphics (especially in an Enterprise environment), so I clearly need to manage my own expectations.