makelocalrc -> ERROR: unknown glibc version ().

Looks like makelocalrc cannot find the strings library…?

I’m installing as root on a VMware ESXi vm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server x86_64:

root@euclid:/tmp/pgi# uname -a
Linux euclid 2.6.32-30-server #59-Ubuntu SMP Tue Mar 1 22:46:09 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux

…down into the install…

Installation directory? [/opt/pgi] 

Note: created directory /opt/pgi

Installing selected PGI CDK components into /opt/pgi
This might take awhile ...
Creating /opt/pgi/linux86-64/11.5/bin/localrc
/opt/pgi/linux86-64/11.5/bin/makelocalrc: 451: strings: not found
ERROR: unknown glibc version ().

This release of PGI software includes the JAVA JRE 6.0_21.  PGI's graphical
debugger and profiler use components from this package.

If you have installed JAVA JRE 6.0_21 with a previous PGI 2011 release,
or in a separate PGI 2011 download, you do not need to install it again.

Install JAVA JRE 6.0_21? (y/n) n
Installing ACML components into /opt/pgi
This might take awhile ...
Installing PGI CUDA components into /opt/pgi
This might take awhile ...

This install is for a small compile farm, so it’s not using MPI (I selected Option 1 then option 6 on the install menu). However, I will be doing a full cluster install on bare metal in 2 months or so. It would be nice to have this issue understood before then.


Just a follow-up on my own post.

This error can occur if you do not have glibc installed on the machine prior to running installcdk.

I was running the install from the NFS file server, not one of the nodes.


Hi Phil,

Strings is part of binutils which is a prerequisite before install in the compilers. I’m guessing though that you had binutils installed but since glibc was not, strings failed since it couldn’t resolves the dependent library.

Glad you were able to get things installed.

  • Mat