ERROR: unknown glibc version (2.5). makelocalrc

Hi, while installing the PGI Workstation 6.2 in my brand new Opteron, Fedora core 6, the following message appears twice:

ERROR: unknown glibc version (2.5)
ERROR: unknown glibc version (2.5)

Tracing the problem, it seems that the makelocalrc script fails to recognize this version, so I added up the following lines to /tmp/pgi/linux86-64/6.2/bin/makelocalrc (and the linux86 one)

2.5* )

and run again the installation script.

The error are gone and makelocalrc does not complain any more, but
is this sensible to do or am I messing some dependencies with glibc?

Well, folks on this forum claim that the modification you made works.
We will have official support for Fedora core 6 and glibc 2.5 in our 7.0 compilers, due out before the end of the year.

Im using RH5 and faced with the same problem… :(
can you suggest me anything?

Hi alexavr,

Which version of the compilers are you using? Our latest release, 7.0, should work with RHEL5.

  • Mat