makelocalrc probelm with Fedora Core 3

Neither 5.1 or 5.2 will install on Fedora Core 3. The prolem is in the makelocalrc script. You can copy an old localrc and edit it and things appear to be ok but this makelocalrc. It would be nice to fix this script to work on Fedora Core 3.

If you install without looking closely this problem will manifest itself as a I can’t find -lgcc or crtbegin.o when you try to link a code.

We actually get this type of questions a lot. The basic answer is that we only support and validate the systems listed at For systems that are similar to one of the supported systems, similar meaning that they have the same kernel and glibc, more often than not the installer will also be able to install on these systems. However, when a major change to the kernel and/or glibc occurs, then traditionally we will only be able to support this new OS with the next compiler release.

We are in the process of installing Fedora Core 3 for internal testing. I’ll investigate in the coming weeks if it’s possible to adjust the installation to have the compilers work on Fedora Core 3, or if the glibc has changed too much to be compatible with 5.2.


The problem is that the makelocalrc script isn’t finding the g77/gcc 3.4
compiler installation. The directory naming scheme changed. So I
made the match pattern less restrictive in makelocalrc:

--- /usr/pgi/linux86/5.2/bin/makelocalrc_orig
+++ /usr/pgi/linux86/5.2/bin/makelocalrc 
 get_specs_file() {
     # This command pipeline should be I18N-capable.
-    x=`awk '/gcc-lib.*specs/ {print $NF}' $out`
+    x=`awk '/gcc.*specs/ {print $NF}' $out`
     if test -n "$x" ; then


cd $PGI/linux86/5.2/bin
./makelocalrc -x $PGI/linux86/5.2

Hope this helps

This is very good hint. It even works with 5.1 PGI version. Thanks a lot.