PGI 6.1-6 installation error on FC5

Hello, When installing PGI6.1.6 on my computer,of wich the OS is FC5, there is error: " usr/pgi/linux86/6.1/bin/makelocalrc: line 64:strings:command not found ERROR:unknown glibc version()". Would you please help me to fix the problem? THank you very much!

in the directory /lib/ there are two libc files maybe related to this problem ,and ,which is a link to I think that means my glibc version is 2.4,and pgi 6.1.6 do not support glibc2.4.Is there any way to solve this problem? Could I install an older version of glibc on my computer?

Hi orola,

The script is using a Linux utility called ‘strings’ to search which GLIBC you have installed on the systems. It appears that ‘strings’ might be missing from your system. What’s the output of the following commands?

type strings 
ls -l /usr/bin/strings

If ‘strings’ exists in /usr/bin, but type can’t find it, add /usr/bin to your PATH environment variable. If ‘strings’ doesn’t exists, you’ll need to install the ‘binutils’ RPM package from your FC5 installation disks.

  • Mat

HI mkcolg,
Thank you very much! I have checked the “strings”,followed instructions by you, and "strings"does not exist. Then I try to upgrade the FC5 system, this time “binutils” is suscessfully installed.
But when to install PGI ,it give error that gcc not found. so I go back to check the install.log and upgrade.log of my system, the firstline of the files print:
“Installing libgcc-4.1.0-3.i386
warning: libgcc-4.1.0-3.i386 : V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID db42a60e”
also ,I have tried command line “rpm -ivh libgcc-4.1.0-3.i386.rpm”, but still failed.
I do not know what is wrong,would you help me to sovle it?