Measure Light Intensity

Hi there,

is it possible to measure the light intensity which is reflected to an object?
I want to detect how much light arrives at a given destination, after it got reflected by any given surface.
So far i couldn’t find any solution to my problem in you documentation.

Is there anything in omniverse to provide a solution, yet?

Thanks in Advance!

Hello @Jens_G94! I’ve reached out to the dev team for some assistance in answering your question. I will post back here when I have more information!

Hello @Jens_G94! From the developer:

In Iray you can use the “Irradiance” buffer instead of the Beauty output in the render settings. This will give you a readout of the Illuminance arriving at any surface.

Thank You so much!

I will test if that works for me.

Hi there,

I hadn’t gotten around to testing it until now, sorry.

Though it looks promising, is there a way to get this irradience value printed into the console or (even better) a text- or excelfile?


In my use case i’d like to compare reflections of different objects, based on size and number. It would be helpful, if it’s possible to collect data and save them inside a file

Thanks for you help so far!