Measuring commands for eye diagram of usb3.0 & usb2.0 & ethernet on TX2

Hi NV team,

We want to measure the eye diagram of usb3.0 & usb2.0 & ethernet on the TX2 board. Could you please provide commands or utility software?


Hi hyla_huang,

Please follow the Jetson TX2 and TX2i USB SS Compliance Testing Guide Application Note,


Kayccc, thanks!

I’ll try according to this guide. And how about usb2.0 and ethernet? Could you please give some directions?


Please check this for USB2.0

Regarding ethernet, please check with vendor, Broadcom, for that. The P/N is BCM54610.

Hi Trumany&kayccc,

I’m trying to test the eye diagram of USB3.0. And i follow the instructions step by step, but I still can’t enter the test mode(USB 3.0 interface can still recognize U disk, and TX only has LFPS signal)

Are you following below steps? (Do NOT plug in the USB 3.0 test fixture at this moment).
2.Run the USB3.0 test app on scope, and pressing OK until the app shows waiting for the LPFS signals.
3.Plug in the USB 3.0 test fixture, the app should be able to see the LPFS signals

Hi Trumany,

I can see the LFPS signals on Oscilloscope but can not see the eye diagram of USB3.0.
As far as i know,the DUT should be entered the test mode before eye diagram test.
so,my question is how to enter the test mode.
please refer to attachment to get more detail information.

Detailed description of the problem.doc (377 KB)

Did you run step 2 ?

  1. Run the following script to disable power management for USB Host Controller.
    for hub in $(ls -d /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb?); do
    echo on > $hub/power/control

The register value is not changed? If so, you can try other tools to change it.

Confirm DUT is in compliance mode by checking XUSB_XHCI_OP_PORTSC[8:5] = Ah

Hi Trumany,

I run step 2,please refer to attachment which i upload last time,the name of script file is

Additionally,could you please provide any other tools to change register value?


Did you read and confirm DUT is in compliance mode by checking XUSB_XHCI_OP_PORTSC[8:5] = Ah?

Generally devmem2 should work, please search other open source tool if necessary.

Did you run command lines as below?
sudo ./devmem2 0x3530420 w 0x10340
sudo ./devmem2 0x3530430 w 0x10340
sudo ./devmem2 0x3530440 w 0x10340