How to test USB eye pattern

how to test USB eye pattern? do you have some tools for usb test?

Please refer to Jetson Nano Interface Tuning and Compliance Guide Application Note

we got the doc, In the first chapter “Jetson Nano USB2.0 Tuning Guide”, do you have tools for config registers?

I refer to Jetson Nano USB2.0 Tuning Guide ~ Bus error (core dumped) - Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums, also
scala@localhost:~$ sudo ./test_mode
[error]:open device 0bda:5411 fail.

This is our schematic:

pin121 123 connect to USB2, and usb2 vbus used Pin110 control.
what should we config in DTS?

So you are asking for test pattern tool or you are asking for how to configure the device tree to make usb config work?

we want to test usb eye pattern, we find a tool for test it from other issue. But it failed.
could you tell us how to test usb eye pattern used which tools?
if it is same with the refer issuse, how to config the dts tree?

The config needs to be correct first so that you can test the pattern…

So you better checking the usb guide here first.

we check again, usb2 vbus used Pin110 control, we just config Pin110 default High. Does it need to config in the follow dts, it is our now config, it should not correct,but I don’t know how to modify it.

modify the regulator to include a gpio and assign that regulator to your vbus-supply.

I modify the regulator,but
scala@localhost:~$ sudo ./test_mode
[error]:open device 0bda:5411 fail.

if we just test USB1_DP and USB1_DN, what should we do?


What tool are you using? If there is no realtek hub, then you cannot download tool from that topic.

So is there a realtek hub connected in your design?

I check with our hardware colleague, we don’t use realtek hub, we used

what should we do?

Please contact with GENESYS for their tool.

If we refer to Jetson Nano Interface Tuning and Compliance Guide Application Note, what should we set USB registers:

If your test point is right after our root port, then you can follow our document.

But if you want to test it behind your “Genesys usb hub”, then you need to ask Genesys to provide tool. Otherwise you won’t see it.

Hi, when test usb eye pattern, the usb device also work, what should we do?

we refer to “Jetson_Nano_Interface_Tuning_Complaince_Guide_Application_Note_DA-09704-001_v1.2.pdf”,set XUSB_XHCI_OP_PORTPMSCHS ,always faile.
we write 1, but readback 0.

root@localhost:/home/scala# devmem2 0x70090474 b 0001
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7faec06000.
Value at address 0x70090474 (0x7faec06474): 0x0
Written 0x1; readback 0x0

Which port are you testing? Behind the usb hub from Genesys?