Jetson Nano USB2.0 Tuning Guide ~ Bus error (core dumped)

I follow this file to tune USB2.0 ~ “Test Mode Programming Sequence”, but Bus error (core dumped)
What do I need to do? Thanks!!

root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# ls /sys/bus/usb/devices/
1-0:1.0 1-2 1-2:1.0 1-3 1-3:1.0 2-0:1.0 usb1 usb2
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# echo on > /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb1/power/control
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# echo on > /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb2/power/control
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090460
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7fb5dc2000.
Value at address 0x70090460 (0x7fb5dc2460): 0x80
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090470
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7fb3808000.
Value at address 0x70090470 (0x7fb3808470): 0x80
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090020
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7f8707d000.
Value at address 0x70090020 (0x7f8707d020): 0x804
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090024
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7f8e0ac000.
Bus error (core dumped)
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090464
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7f96118000.
Bus error (core dumped)
root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# devmem2 0x70090474
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7f824b3000.
Bus error (core dumped)

For information, do you run your custom board or default development kit?

Hi DaneLLL:
There are the same error in Jetson Nano Kit board and Nano moudle.

Jetson Nano devkit is with an external USB hub and have to follow the spec of running in test mode:

Please try attached test code.

1.	Copy realtek_hub_test_mode.c to Jetson Nano.
2.	sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev
3.	gcc -o test_mode realtek_hub_test_mode.c -lusb-1.0
4.	sudo ./test_mode (761 Bytes)

Hi DaneLLL:
It’s no error to run the test_mode on Jetson Nano devkit, but fail on Jestson Nano module.

How do I test the USB2.0 on Jetson Nano module?
This is my USB2.0 schematic, USB2.0(A Male) connect to USB2_AP_N, USB2_AP_P.

Jetson Nano module:

root@peter-desktop:/home/peter# ./test_mode
[error]:open device 0bda:5411 fail.

We would like to get more information. So you have a custom board and on the board, pins 121,123 are connected to type A USB2 port. Is this correct? Do you use certain GPIO pin as VBUS?

Pin 121, 123 are connected to type A USB2 port, and do not use certain GPIO pin as VBUS

There is vbus setting in tegra210-porg-power-tree-p3448-0000-a00.dtsi:

	xusb_padctl@7009f000 {
		vddio-hsic-supply = <&max77620_ldo0>;
		avdd_pll_uerefe-supply = <&max77620_ldo7>;
		hvdd_pex_pll_e-supply = <&max77620_sd3>;
		dvdd_pex_pll-supply = <&max77620_ldo1>;
		hvddio_pex-supply = <&max77620_sd3>;
		dvddio_pex-supply = <&max77620_ldo1>;
		hvdd_sata-supply = <&max77620_sd3>;
		dvdd_sata_pll-supply = <&max77620_ldo8>;
		hvddio_sata-supply = <&max77620_sd3>;
		dvddio_sata-supply = <&max77620_ldo8>;

		ports {
			usb2-0 {
				vbus-supply = <&p3449_vdd_usb_vbus>;
			usb2-1 {
				vbus-supply = <&battery_reg>;
			usb2-2 {
				vbus-supply = <&p3449_vdd_usb_vbus2>;

You would need to read adaptation guide and modify device tree according to your custom board. In general, we have one VBUS pin for each USB port. Somehow your design has no VBUS pin. This is a bit strange.

And usb3-0, usb2-1 are paired as USB3 and connected to a 4-port USB hub on default devkit. Your design looks different from this.

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