Mechanical/ PCB footprint AGX Orin

Looking for mechanical drawing that shows detail on Orin AGX connector (centroid, pin A3, etc) relative to the M3 mounting standoffs that pass through the TTP. I need to design a carrier board for AGX Orin and can’t find these details. I see this but it is incomplete.

Looked all over the developer docs and don’t see mechanical drawings. There is a step model but I am opening in Altium and can’t measure precise dimensions.

Hi, you can use other tools to open step file, like Creo View.

@Trumany so are you telling me that no such mechanical drawing exists? I find that hard to believe. It’s pretty basic information that should be made readily available. The AGX Orin is a module for sale to customers that want to integrate with their own custom PCB designs. IOW, it’s critical information. One should not need to install a mechanical design tool to extract basic engineering hole patterns and connector spacing. Rant off, face palm engage

For carrier design, you can refer to the Orin Developer Kit Carrier Board Design Files. There is PCB file in the package which contains location info of module connector and mounting holes.

Converted the Allegro .ALG ASCII PCB to Altium Designer. M3 mounting holes shown here (3.3 mm DIA with 6.5 mm plating). The mounting PCB DIA is subject to change based on a given application, but the dimensions from lower left (MT1) to pin A3 are, I think solid. The other holes are straightforward.

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