Memeory leak

On this page, it says something about a memory leak in the replicator composer.

I face similar issues when doing the following:

It seems that Isaac Sim has the same issue.

  1. create a stage
  2. load all objects and robots
  3. setup multiple camera and synthetic data helper
  4. record data
  5. close stage

Is there a way to get around this issue? Or is there a timeline for this to be fixed? It seems this issue has been around for a long time.

After generating data for an hour or two, the memory leak problem is getting really bad and eventually will crash Isaac sim. This can be replicated on both windows and ubuntu.

There should be improvement with our next release based on kit 104. The rendering team is still tracking down leaks related to this.

One way to workaround the issue is to spawn everything in the scene and just move it out of view when not needed instead of deleting/closing the stage. Not the most ideal solution but it can help.

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Is there an estimate for the release date?

Before end of November