Memory Brand/Type

In Windows, it is possible to find out the brand of memory used in a GPU. GPU-Z is one tool that shows this information. Does the Linux driver provide any information that can give you similar insight into whether the memory used in the GPU is made by Samsung, Hynix, Micron, Elpida, etc.? I’ve checked output from nvidia-smi, lspci, /proc/driver/nvidia/gpu/…, glxinfo, etc. and haven’t really found anything that would indicate this other than perhaps some BIOS versions, but I couldn’t discern any sold pattern that would let you know this. Is this information supported in the Linux driver like it is in the Windows driver? I’m mostly working with the 375.66 driver right now.

Nope, not supported, not likely will ever be supported.

But it is supported on Windows? Is that because it’s too difficult to support on Linux? Hard to believe.

It’s not about difficulty, it’s about market share and cost.

You don’t waste money adding features which are going to be used by 1% of your customers. Also, each new feature requires extensive testing and support and the number of people in NVIDIA who are involved in supporting non Windows drivers is minuscule which means that their time is better spent on other much more important things.

Anyways, I don’t see the reason for your bitching. Download a trial version of Windows, install it and see your memory brand. Done. No time wasted creating a topic and arguing about the things you know very little about.

Let me preempt other similar questions you might have in regard to Linux NVIDIA drivers:

  • No, there will be no better overclocking support.
  • No, there will be no voltage tuning support.
  • No, there will be no more frequent releases.
  • No, you cannot request features or say which bugs are more important than others.
  • No, NVIDIA is not going to help Nouveau more that they already do.
  • No, there's no estimate in regard to releasing firmware for proper Pascal support in Nouveau.

wow, much words. cliff notes version for those who don’t care to read the output from an internet windbag:

fetching gpu memory type within linux OS not possible at this time

BTW, is there anyone who knows how GPU-Z gets memory type?

I’ve checked nvctrl API and nvidia’s i2c, but I could not find any method to retrieve memory type.

Here is it:

It is from NvApi.

Sorry for bringing old threads to life but I think that there is a way to determine memory manufacturer, its just that NVIDIA doesn’t want to share the populated register and its bitfields… I have been searching it for the past 3 days and still couldn’t find anything useful, if anyone has found it, please do tell. Thank you.

You can find “Ram Vendor”
with help off NvAPI_GPU_GetRamMaker(DeviceProperties->NvGPUHandle[CardIndex], &DeviceProperties->Device[CardIndex].Ram.Vendor), DeviceProperties->Verbose);

You will get Ram.Vendor in NV_RAM_MAKER (it is enum)

St?ller, NvAPI is Windows-only.

Yes, unfortunately I need *nix alternative.

for *nix i used nvml, but it seems there are no ram vendor apis there

I think its just a scratch register populated on init, but only internals know which.