Memory leak PhysX 3.3.1

My memory tracking system detects memory leak during the following scenario:

  1. initialize PhysX
  2. create PxRigidDynamic
  3. create more than 5 collision shapes using PxPhysics::createShape and attach them to actor with PxRigidActor::attachShape
  4. add PxRigidDynamic to scene
  5. simulate()/fetchResults(true) several times
  6. simulate()
  7. remove PxRigidDynamic from scene
  8. detach and release all shapes from PxRigidDynamic
  9. release PxRigidDynamic
  10. fetchResults(true)
  11. simulate()/fetchResults(true) several times
  12. shutdown PhysX
    After shutdown memory leak is detected in file “foundation\include\PsArray.h” line 558.

Interesting observation: if the number of shapes is less than 5, everything is normal.

I’m using PhysX 3.3.1

Many thanks for your repro. This is indeed a bug.

We are working on a fix for 3.3.2.

In the meantime, a workaround might be to call PxRigidDynamic::release() after fetchResults.



just small question is there any ETA on the 3.3.2 release? (due to the fix)