Menu bar of the isaac sim often lacked

When I first launched Isaac Sim using Omniverse, the menu bar of Isaac Sim displayed normally. However, later when I started Isaac Sim using the Orbit framework with VS Code, I found that the menu bar of the sim often lacked certain menus. Subsequently, even when launching Isaac Sim under Omniverse, the phenomenon of missing some menu buttons also occurred.

@han_hai_liang i am just another user, but i have but a few inquiries:

  1. which Isaac Sim version are you using?
  2. the missing menus are the same ones in each of your scenarios?
  3. if yes to #2, which menus are missing? would it be possible for you to take a screengrab of the menu items?
  4. were there any console logs that would indicate missing extension/dependencies?

I reinstall some model,now Isaac sim is work

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