Question about Core API Hello World Example

I am very new to using Isaac sim and I am learning through the tutorials.

I was going to attempt the Omniverse Core API 4.1 Hello World Tutorial by importing the example through going to the top Menu Bar and Click Isaac Examples > Hello World. However, my issacSim interface does not have that drop-down in the menu bar at the top of the screen. I only have : File Edit window Create Replicator Tools Profiler Layout Help. I do not have the Issac Examples drop-down menu.

Do I need to import and extension to gain this ‘examples’ drop-down functionality in my GUI? how would I go about altering the menu in the future.

Thank You

You might have to enable the Isaac Sim Samples extension. The package is omni.isaac.examples.
I’m running App Version 2023.1.1-rc.8.