MFAA and FXAA unsupported

Our company (Tencent) has developed two browsers, QQ Browser and Sogou Browser. May I ask if it is possible to add these applications to the list of applications that do not support MFAA and FXAA? If MFAA and FXAA are turned on during hardware acceleration, there will be a very serious video flicker issue.

thanks a lot.

Hello @sanshuishi and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

These anti-aliasing methods are client side, that means an application will implement them, the driver cannot black-list applications to not use these features. Unless I misunderstood what you were asking for.

That means these browsers are probably using some rendering backend that implements either MSAA which can trigger MFAA or some form of screen space anti-aliasing, which can trigger FXAA (which are very much outdated by the way).

The only way to disable them is to set both of them to “Off” in the Global settings or specifically for your browsers in the NVIDIA control panel under “Manage 3D settings”.

I hope that clarifies things.


Thank you for your explanation. At first, I thought NVIDIA had optimized for Chrome.


Happy to help.

As far as I know Chrome uses the ANGLE abstraction layer.