minimal environment to compile and run cuda code?

I am a beginner to CUDA and the following may be some naive problems.

The first one is that, I have no G80 GPU at hand, but plan to buy one in the next weeks, and now I have read the programmer guide and some papers. So can one write code and then compile it and run it with only cuda toolkit and sdk installation? What I ask is whether a emulation environment system exists now to provide one to have a toy study even without a G80 GPU.

The other problem is what is the simplest procedure and minimal environment to compile a cuda code. I just want to write cuda code for numerical calculation and no display output, for example, some tasks similar to matrix multiplication in SDK or molecular dynamics simulation. VC2005 is too complex, however, I would like to compile cuda code with nvcc combined lcc or other simple system with a customed batch file or makefile like in linux. Is it possible? What I got is an error that no cl.exe was found. So nvcc is bounded with vc’s cl.exe?

You can check nvcc’s guide for instructions on how to use a different compiler:

nvcc’s guide

Also check the linux common makefile included in the SDK, as it will give you hints to create a compilation bat in windows.

As for the emulation, you can compile all cuda code with the emulation flag on, so it’s run on your CPU.