Minimise latency on usb camera

We have camer’s 5MP Low Noise USB camera | AR0521 USB camera
and want minimize lag. It’s possible to use some trick/kext/etc. to get more quick data on usb camera ( even if has his own image-procesign ) and display it on screen?
We waiting for shipping on MIPI camera but it could take some times and want working on set We have.
We working on Jetson TX2 platform ( waiting for Orin ) It will be great get some advice.

Try use smaller sensor mode(resolution)

@ShaneCCC Okey, before We checking it. Question is, is there any other method can help to receive less delay?

Make sure the Jetson is running in full power mode:
sudo nvpmodel -m 0

Also make sure the camera emulate as USB3.0 device.

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