MIPI CSI Interface pin map of Jetson TX2

Hello there,

These day, I am trying to connect single camera(AR0135) using MIPI CSI Interface on Jetson TX2.

We use a MAX9288 deserializer as CSI source.

I have a some of the questions as below.

Fist, I guessed MIPI data output of jetson TX2 is 2 Lane + 1CLK Lane type. Is this correct?

Second, I am trying to connect MAX9288 output and Soc input of Jetson TX2. I want to confirm our circuit for it.
I can’t upload on this window. So If leave e-mail address, I’ll send our circuit image.

Please reply for me.

Hi AR,

CSI design is included in OEM DG, please check this doc for your circuit. http://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-tx2-oem-product-design-guide