Missing cudart64_50_27.dll

I have been working on a project using opencv and cuda. The how is kinda convoluted but in essence the original machine was running cuda 5.27 when all of the opencv and initial projects were built. Now, however, the machine has been updated to run Cuda 5.35 and all of a sudden whenever running it’s asking for the 5.27 dll’s which were removed from the system. (We are using mercurial version management and the dll’s were kept off the server to control download times…)

Oh, using NSight Visual Studion 3, and VS 2010

Thanks for any insight
-Joe F

cudart64_50_27.dll is the version of the CUDa runtime DLL that shipped in CUDA 5.0. Where did the newer version come from?, and how did the older version get removed?

I am not familar with all the intricacies of Windows DLL version management, but I suspect that it is necessary to keep multiple versions of the CUDA distributable runtime DLL around if applications were linked to different versions of the runtime (i.e. analogous to how most Windows machines have multiple versions of the Microsoft Visual C distributable runtime DLL installed, e.g. msvcr71.dll, msvcr80.dll, and msvcr90.dll).

Sorry, it seems I got my version numbers wrong. I checked with the developers: the cudart64_50_27.dll shipped with RC1 (release candidate) of CUDA 5.0, cudart64_50_35.dll shipped with the final version of CUDA 5.0.

You will need to recompile apps built with the RC1 with the final version of CUDA 5.0. The apps will then link against cudart64_50_35.dll and your issue should disappear.