Missing execution permission of nv_aurix_check_fw.sh

I’m using SDK and on our P3710 board. As described in Flashing Basics | NVIDIA Docs
You can use the nv_aurix_check_fw script to check the AURIX firmware version on boot
But the excution permission is missing:

-bash: /etc/systemd/scripts/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh: Permission denied
ls /etc/systemd/scripts/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh -al
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 19701 Jan 29 08:42 /etc/systemd/scripts/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh 

Now most of developers have to add the execution permission to nv_aurix_check_fw.sh manually
So can NV add it by default?


Dear @Keelung,
I got it. Let me check internally on this.

@Keelung The forum provides support for releases available on the developer site. However, as DRIVE OS 6.0.6 Linux SDK is not yet released on the developer site, it is likely that you obtained it from NVONLINE. In such a case, please seek help through other channels you have.


  1. I can get replies quickly in the forum then NVonline
  2. I’m asking SDK issues in the forum. For the PDK I’ll goto NVonline
  3. NVonline has many many many issues of it’s web design, seems it’s built from a homework of a student who learning computer science and technology.


Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your preference for the forum over NVONLINE. The reason we suggested NVONLINE is that the team supporting you has experience with the releases there. We understand that NVONLINE has its design issues, and we appreciate your input on how we can better support releases not available on the developer site. We will review your feedback and see how we can improve our support.

This script is run by a system service by default. However, if you follow the instructions in the Developer Guide this runs with no issue.

To check the firmware version again from the SoC:

Run the command:

For QNX:
/bin/ksh /proc/boot/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh
For Linux:
sudo /bin/bash /etc/systemd/scripts/nv_aurix_check_fw.sh

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