Missing Jetson Nsight System 2022.5.2 x86_64 for Jetpack 5.1

I’m currently trying to download the deb file for Nsight system for x86_64 host for use with Jetpack 5.1 through the Nvidia repo at Index. While the nsight system for arm64 is 2022.5.2, I noticed that the one uploaded for x86_64 is 2022.3.1, making it incompatible with data collected by the target. Furthermore, I noticed that when installing with sdkmanager, the downloaded file is called “NsightSystems-linux-public-2022.5.2.120-3231674” which I can’t find anywhere on the web. Can I access the deb file for nsight system x86_64 for Jetpack 5.1 anywhere other than through sdkmanager? Our company doesn’t use Ubuntu or any OS supported by sdkmanager so we rely on repo.download.nvidia.com/jetson to get various tools.

Are you looking to run 2022.5.2 on the target and then load the data separately into the GUI on an x86-64 host?

If so, you can just get the standard x86 version (should be 2023.1) from developer.nvidia.com/nsight-systems

.nsys-rep files generated by older versions (2022.5) are always loadable into newer versions (2023.1)

Thank you for the quick response. I tried to import the file generated by 2022.5 but got this error on nsight-systems 2023.1:

That’s the .qdstrm file, which is, in fact, linked to a specific version.

Do you have a .nsys-rep file? That is the stable report format. On older versions of the tool it was the .qdrep file.