Nsight system host x64 and target Jetson Orin


i’m trying to use Nsight systems on host x64 (preferred windows, but linux is ok too) and the target is Jetson Orin AGX/NX.
I’m confused, because at this link:
There’s a table that shows “Profiling Target” and “From Host”.
For target Jetson & IGX, only linux host is enabled: Remote GUI Report Viewer***
(*** Only for reports collected from Jetson or DRIVEOS of equal or lesser versions).
From my understanding the remote GUI enables to profile the jetson remotely.
Am i right?

When i’m going to section “Jetson & IGX Devices: Download Nsight Systems 2022.5” there’s a link to download the Jetpack SDK.
But Jetpack SDK is s SW package that supposed to run on the Jetson and not x86 host.
So where can i download the right Nsight Systems?

P.S: i tried to run Nsight on the jetson itself and it influences my application too much, so it’s not an option from my point of view.


For use on Jetson, you install the Nsight Systems from the SDK on your linux box and then use the Nsys GUI to remote onto the Orin.

The first time that you remote onto the system, it will install the required target libraries onto the device.

Thanks for the answer.
I assume that Nsys GUI meaning Nsight systems on the host.
But what version of Nsys for the host i can use?
I tried the last version of the Nsys on the host 2023…2.1 and the verison 2022.5 and i got message that the target is not supported.


To use Nsight Systems with Jetson, you will need to install a version that ships inside NVIDIA JetPack SDK:

Specifically, the SDK Manager Method described there provides a unified installer that will guide you through the whole process. Only the version of Nsight Systems shipped in JetPack SDK can be used to profile on Jetson devkits, and the version needs to match, for example:

  • JetPack 5.1.1 — Nsight Systems 2022.5.2.171-3255900
  • JetPack 5.1 — Nsight Systems 2022.5.2.120-3231674
  • etc.

SDK Manager installs on your host machine. Please refer to their page for more info:

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