Nsight systems doesn't work on Jetson nano 2GB

Hi, I am trying to use Nsight systems on Jetson nano 2GB.

Jetson nano 2GB(Target), Jetpack 4.6.1
Macbook pro M1(Host), Nsight Systems 2021.5.1

As mentioned in the above document, JetPack 4.6.1 includes NVIDIA Nsight Systems 2021.5

Connection failed
Error message(on Host)
Target is not supported.
This version of Nsight Systems does not support profiling on the selected target.

Cause analysis and attempt to resolve

  1. The ssh connection through the terminal works well.

  2. I tried to check if nsight system was installed well on Jetson nano 2GB, but couldn’t find it.
    Refer to the following issues for the package name or path of the nsight system used in the search.
    Unable to install nsys (nsight-system CLI)
    'nsight-system' not found in jetpack5.0.1

  3. Found an issue on the forum for a similar problem.
    Nvidia Nsignts System Support for Jetson Nano 2GB
    I used Jetpack SDK 4.6.1 provided as an SD card image on official website, but there was only one. I couldn’t find anything called a full Jetpack.
    And I could see from this issue that I couldn’t install nsight systems separately with apt.

To summarize, in my opinion, jetson-nano-2gb-jp461-sd-card-image does not include nsight-related packages, including nsight systems. And I couldn’t find a way to install it separately.

Please help me to use nsight systems on Jetson nano 2GB.


Nsight System should run on a desktop environment and have remote access to Jetson.

The corresponding tool for desktop can be found in the host component from JetPack.
However, it might not support mac.


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@AastaLLL Thank you!
After installing ubuntu 18.04 on the desktop, the installation was successful using the SDK manager.
If there are other users who want to use Nsight systems on Jetson nano, I recommend using the SDK manager instead of trying to install something yourself.

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