How to monitor sm utilization on Jetson Nano

nvidia-smi is not supported on jetson nano.
I tried jtop, there’s no sm utilization.
I also tried Nsight System.But when I finally installed jetpack 4.6.4 on both target and host,I found the interface says “Target does not supporte this feature” on “Collect GPU metrics”.The Nsight System’s version is 2023.2.4.
Am I doing any step wrong?Is my version correct?Or is there any other way to monitor sm utilization?


I also found Nsight system 2021.5.4 can connect to my jetson nano .
However I found the profiling interface is quite different from the version 2023.2.4.I couldn’t find option related to gpu metrics or sm utilization.
So the problem is the version of Nsight system,or the device just don’t support ?
By the way ,the host’s system is ubuntu 18.04.JetPack on the target device was updated to 4.6.4 over the network instead of re-flashing the system.

I found the following description in the user guide.

Nsight Systems GPU Metrics is only available for Linux targets on x86-64 and aarch64, and for Windows targets. It requires NVIDIA Turing architecture or newer.
Minimum required driver versions:
NVIDIA Turing architecture TU10x, TU11x - r440
NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA100 - r450
NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA100 MIG - r470 TRD1
NVIDIA Ampere architecture GA10x - r455

My target is Jetson nano 4GB with tegra X1.Target’s system is also Ubuntu 18.04.
Does this mean that Jetson Nano does not support using Nsight Systems to view SM utilization? If not supported, are there any other methods to check SM utilization?